Realflow 10 Simulation Test

I did this test (RnD) simulation at Rang Studio Pvt Ltd Mumbai. 
This simulation is done in Realflow10 with powerful Dyverso solver, meshing with VDB. 
Lighting and rendering Arnold for Maya. Hope you all like this Simulation results.




Thank You


Realflow 2015 dyverso Liquid Flow Test

Realflow 2015 dyverso Liquid Flow Test

I did this test for fun with Realflow 2015.. Dyverso Solver making all the simulation faster then ever…. Thanks to Realflow Team.

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Project: ‘Lost Crate’

Project: ‘Lost Crate’

I did this project in Blender 2.76 rendered with Cycles. Modelling, texturing, shading, lighting, rendering and post done by me.
I tried to create a look n feel of old drink crate..



“We have to continually be jumping off cliffs and developing our wings on the way down.”

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Blender 3D: Project Hope

Blender: Project Hope

This project comes in my mind with feeling of Hope…. How can we relate things with hope..

How to create this simple but appealing scene in Blender3D
(Project Hope) …

Beginner Tutorial
Part 01

Part 02

Faith and hope work hand in hand,
however while hope focuses on the future,
Faith focuses on the now…

Hope you like this.

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Sketch Disney Princess Rapunzel From ‘Tangled’ Movie

My New Sketch ‘Disney Princess Rapunzel’ …

Tangled Rapunzel… I tried to create sweetness of princess Rapunzel with my drawing skills.. “We can express our feelings with Art.…”  Hope you like this … Thanks