Create inflatable objects in Autodesk Maya

This quick tutorial is about how to create inflatable objects in Maya. Please like and subscribe my channel… Share if you find these tutorial helpful..

To inflate or deflate an nCloth object
1. Select the nCloth object you want to inflate or deflate. In the Attribute Editor, select the nClothShape tab.

2. Expand the Pressure section.

3. Do one of the following for your nCloth:

* For the Manual Pressure Settings, keyframe the Pressure attribute so that its value increases (inflation) or decreases (deflation).

* For the Volume Tracking Model, set a Start Pressure and then keyframe the Pump Rate and Air Tightness. If your object has any holes in its surface, you can also keyframe its Seal Holes attribute for fast inflation or deflation.

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Marble LookDev

I did this project just for fun and my RnD purpose.
Lighting, shading, rendering and compositing.
Software used Maya 2018 and rendered in Solid Angle Arnold..

Marble model by Mayur Gohil…

Thumbnail01Marvel_Main_Comp04_01Marvel_Main_Comp04_02Marvel_Main_Comp04_03Marvel_Main_Comp04_02aUntitled-1Comp 1 (0-00-00-00)

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Honda City TVC

We did this exciting commercial for Honda Cars India
(Honda City 20th Anniversary edition).
I was responsible for Lookdev, Lighting, Shading And rendering.
From shoot to CG integration we faced many obstacles to generate believable photo-realistic output for this commercial.
With the support of our creative CG team we successfully
delivered the film.



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Titan WE

I did this project at Rang Studio Mumbai. It was quite challenging job to create photorealistic Titan watches so we did lots research to get the accurate look and feel. Project was done Autodesk Maya and Rendered with Arnold.
I was responsible for( Lookdev) lighting, shading and rendering.




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GProject: ‘Pray’

“Prayer makes us stronger.”

I did this project in Blender 2.77a rendered with Cycles. Modelling, texturing, shading, lighting, rendering and post done by me.


Final Look


Clay Render


3D Setup

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Houdini 15 Pyro Test

My first Pyro simulations with Houdini 15. Feels awesome.

Houdini gives you freedom to create procedural effects…. That’s pretty cool.


I’m going to upload more test on CG Artist Academy and very soon tutorials also asap.

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